Abraham Moon & Sons Mill, Guiseley, Yorkshire

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1837 the year Queen Victoria succeeded the British throne was also the year Abraham Moon and Sons Ltd was founded.

Abraham Moon – a figure of considerable standing in the community of Guiseley, near Leeds and the Yorkshire Dales, supplied many locals with yard to weave cloth on handlooms in their own homes. When the cloth was woven he would collect the pieces, paying the weavers for their work. The cloth was then scoured (washed) locally and hung out to dry in surrounding fields. Abraham would then transport the pieces by horse and cart to Leeds for sale in the market.

Thirty years later a three storey mill was built and the company was exporting to countries such as Japan as early as the 1890’s. By the early 1900’s the mill had become as it remains today, a fully “vertical” mill, with dyeing, blending, spinning, weaving and finishing taking place on one site.

The design archives of Moon date back to the same period and today the company (still family owned) is renowned Worldwide for its traditional values of quality and its innovative use of design and colour.

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