Aim High with Our Shooting Gilet this Christmas

It is that time of year again when we start to be bombarded earlier and earlier by lashings of Christmas adverts. The supermarket competition is hotting up and we even noticed an Asda Christmas advert make its first appearance last night. Which is why we thought to pop down to ASDA ourselves and use one of their extraordinarily cheap chickens to cheer you up. If you are looking for some shooting clothing to keep you warm and allow you to aim easily, then look no further than this stylish Gilet.

Luckily, Jerome was quickly volunteered to find his Plus Fours, GB Stockings, gun and of course shooting brake gilet. Ensuring no birds were harmed in this film shoot we used the chicken for target practice and hope it keeps you warm with a winter chuckle.

Shooting Brake Gilet Ideal clothing for shooting

If you want to know more about the shooting brake Gilet and how it can keep you warm while freeing your arms to shoot then contact the team at Guillotine England or have a look at the Gilet in the shop.

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