Cars and Gilets – Classic Mercedes meets Luxury Gilet

British Gilet

Guillotine England customer Matt G talks to us about why he buys his Gilets from the Wiltshire based fashion label. Already an owner of three luxury Men’s Gilets, Matt turned up at Guillotine HQ during our recent photo shoot to buy a linen one for summer use. He also happened to arrive in his splendid […]

Guillotine Conquers Normandy……

Why would a hotel owner from Normandy choose to wear a Guillotine England Gilet? There are many stories behind why people choose to buy our particular Gilets, but this is one of our favourites. People often bypass Normandy en route to the more popular regions of France. This July Guillotine England had the pleasure of visiting […]

Abraham Moon & Sons Mill, Guiseley, Yorkshire

Abraham Moon, supplied many locals with yard to weave cloth on handlooms in their own homes. When the cloth was woven he would collect the pieces, paying the weavers for their work. The cloth was then scoured (washed) locally and hung out to dry in surrounding fields. Abraham would then transport the pieces by horse and cart to Leeds for sale in the market.

Who was Nehru?

Nehru Collar Gilet worn by Prime Minister Nehru

The Nehru collar was named after India’s first Prime Minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. He did not actually wear a Nehru jacket as we know it today, instead he wore either an Achkan jacket which is a lighter weight, unlined jacket or typically a Sherwani Jacket, which is a heavier weight, lined jacket…

Linen Summer Gilets

  Turn on the heat this summer in our new Pellicano blue linen gilet with classic Liberty Print Tana Lawn lining and Ochre flat piping detail. Liberty of London began manufacture of this beautiful cloth, made of the finest thread count of Egyptian cotton, back in 1920.  Named after Lake Tana in Sudan where raw […]