Cars and Gilets – Classic Mercedes meets Luxury Gilet

Luxury Gilets and Mercedes Benz Classic Cars

Guillotine England customer Matt G talks to us about why he buys his Gilets from the Wiltshire based fashion label. Already an owner of three luxury Men’s Gilets, Matt turned up at Guillotine HQ during our recent photo shoot to buy a linen one for summer use. He also happened to arrive in his splendid Mercedes classic car which the company then used for the photoshoot. Combining such a beautiful car with the Gilet Model, Warbouys shirt and the summer sun was like manna from heaven.

Matt had seen the Guillotine England founders Jerome and Juliet Kitson driving through the village in their Astin Martin and asked if they liked classic cars? Watch the video below to find out why Matt chooses Guillotine for his Gilets.

Jerome responded that he absolutely loved them. As a result, Matt decided to turn up in his own set of classic wheels to purchase his next Gilet. Matt turned up in a very smart classic Mercedes which fitted the photoshoot perfectly.

Matt owns three Gilets including tweed Gilet that he wears for shooting. Working in London he used to wear a blazer all the time. This has been replaced by his selection of Gilets. Inspired to buy his first Gilet by his business partner who’s wife had brought him one as a birthday present, he has never looked back.

Men's Shooting Gilet

His current crop of gilets are all fairly heavy so not suitable for the hot summer we have just experienced. The linen Gilet is perfect for hot summer days, allowing your arms to breath whilst keeping your core nice and warm.

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