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In a large creative workshop in Wiltshire, swathes of the highest quality fabric pile on top of each other. Brightly decorated mood boards of inspiration with country and city scenes vie for attention. Row upon row of velvet, cashmere and tweed gilets are lined up on hangers with every detail painstakingly thought out. Welcome to the hub behind the artistic team at Guillotine England.

Guillotine England is a British luxury brand specialising in designing and creating beautiful merino lambswool and cashmere gilets for men.  Using the finest British materials from Abraham Moon and Sons Mill in Yorkshire and stylish linings form Liberty Print Art fabrics and colourful crepe backed satins.

Jerome and Juliet Kitson

Husband and wife team, Jerome and Juliet Kitson’s designs are intended to be versatile, trans-seasonal and inspired in their simplicity.  Run from the family farm in Wiltshire each season the gilets  are a creatively designed edit of a vintage 1970’s Afganistan gilet which was given to Jerome in 2012.  This item of clothing became irreplaceable and the mission was to re-create it using higher quality materials, higher manufacture quality and Anglicised for comfort, style and wearability creating a luxury garment as an alternative to a commonplace jacket.

The style of each of our gilets has been meticulously designed by Juliet – with the soft moleskin and Alcantara inner Nehru collars for comfort, Liberty print linings, flat piping and attention to detail, which makes the craftsmanship of our gilets of the highest quality, original, versatile and stylish.

Cut a dash in a Guillotine Gilet…

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guillotine england

Guillotine England

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Our mission is to create high end, fashionable, yet versatile gilets, equally suited to hardy country pursuits as well as cosmopolitan city life .

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