Guillotine Success at the Chalke Valley History Festival

Guillotine England at the CHalk Valley histroy Festival

We are recovering from a hugely successful weekend at the Chalke Valley History Festival. Guillotine England had taken a stand in the shopping emporium at the largest History Festival in the world for the first time. It turns out that history buffs of all shapes and sizes have a fondness for Luxury Gilets. We enjoyed a bumper weekend of sales, especially our Summer Linen Gilets . The El Pelicano doing particularly well. 

The temperature got into the early 30s on Saturday. Meaning our shopping tent was unusually hot, but this didn’t stop the crowds from enjoying a variety of trade stands ranging from our Gilets to Basque Tea Towels and beautiful paintings. The history festival itself proves a very popular event for locals and visitors from far and wide. With hundreds of re-enactors to keep you informed of the living and fighting standards from early man through to the Napoleonic age, there is something to keep all ages occupied.

The line up for the festival includes some of the most famous faces of history from around the world. Regular speakers include Dan Snow, Max Hastings, and Anthony Beavoir. You can pre-book tickets to talks months in advance as they sell out very quickly or just turn up and chose on the door. Our favourite this year was “Waterloo Uncovered” by Mark Evans. 

Guillotine England at the CHalk Valley histroy Festival

The brand new Ko Lanta Luxury Gilet, inspired by the Thai Royal Family also proved popular with visitors and a number were bought on site. If you are looking for something light and casual to wear during a hot day then a linen gilet fits the bill. It can also keep you nice and warm when the sun dips behind a cloud or the evening breeze settles in. 

If you want to see us at more events, then please check out our events page where we list our attendance at country and Christmas fairs throughout the South of England.   

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