What to wear for the Glorious Twelfth

What to wear on the glorious twelfth

What to wear for the shooting season?

Today marks the return of the Grouse season. The Glorious Twelfth sees the start to the grouse shooting season in the UK. Also known as the King of Birds, Grouse can travel at up to 70 mph so you need to be a good shot with fantastic reactions to bag one. Although we love our country pursuits here at Guillotine England we are more concerend that you have the right outfit to wear not just during the day but for any lavish dinner or drinks party you might be attending.

SHooting Gilet

What to wear on the shoot

That is why we have chosen three Gilets that will cover you for every occasion. It may look dull, windy and wet out there but don’t forget it’s the 12th of August not December!

The Shooting Brake Gilet

First and foremost is our aptly named Shooting Brake Gilet popular with any outdoors type and especially useful for those of us who like to shoot. With it’s waxed cotton lining you can perch on fallen trees without worrying about getting a soggy bottom!


A forest green pure lambswool technical country gilet


A dark brown pure lambswool technical country gilet

Summer Linen Gilet for Drinks

It is still summer and we could expect a return to the warmth in September so you may require something a little less heavy for dinner or a cocktail party after the shoot. Our linen summer gilets are not only perfect for keeping you cool but looking smart at social occasions. We have multiple summer linen gilets for you to choose from including our brand new Thai Ko Lanta which was inspired by the Thai Royal Family or our best selling Il Pellicano


A mid-blue, hand dyed linen gilet with pale red linen inner Nehru Collar


A mid blue, hand dyed linen gilet with pale blue linen inner Nehru Collar

Something smarter for dinner?

Finally for those longer winter nights when black tie might be an option, you can wear one of our velvet numbers to keep you warm and smart whilst offering pockets for your smoking supplies. 

Out of stock

Past Models

The Vagabond Gilet

£225.00 £120.00

A soft aubergine merino herringbone with Liberty lining and old gold soft velvet inner Nehru collar


A dark blue velvet gilet with berry red silk velvet inner Nehru collar

Remember to stay safe and enjoy yourself. We hope you have a fabulous 2019 shooting season. 

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