Nehru Collars of the Silver Screen

Nehru Collar Gilet Kamal Khan

The origins of the Nehru collar date back to Prime Minister Nehru of Pakistan as suggested by the collar taking its name from him. It appears to be a common theme in the East, with a lot of indian and Pakistani clothing featuring a short unfolding stand up collar. We have seen the collar feature a lot in more recent times with Bond Villains in Octopussy and more recently Spectre. 

In the same way we like to share with you our favourite Nehru Collar Gilet wearers from within our own customer base, we thought it a good idea to share some of the more famous Nehru Collar wearers who define fashion in our eyes.

Louis Jordan as Kamal Khan in Octopussy

“you have a nasty habit of surviving …”
He was the Bond villain, that probably more than any other villain, is the most like Bond when it comes to being a gentleman.


Blofeld in a Nehru Jacket

Christopher Waltz as Blofeld in Spectre

Re-invented for the Daniel Craig continuity of James Bond films Christopher Waltz (Blofeld) was plays the foster brother of Bond in Spectre wears a navy silk Nehru jacket at his Moroccan lair in Spectre

Joseph Wiseman as Dr No in Dr No

Who can forget the first Bond film ever made with a super villain attempting to destroy a US rocket launch. Featuring some of the iconic sequences that have lived on through the rest of the bond films including the Theme tune, Barrel of a gun introduction and swanky intro to each film. For most of his time in the film, Dr No wears a stylish kakhi grey Nehru Collar jacket, demonstarting his class over that of his henchmen who according to the book are Japanese soldiers left over from the war.

Star Wars and the Nehru Collar

Darth Vader’s Killer Collar

It’s not just about the person who wears the collar, in this case most of the Imperial officers. Sometimes, Darth Vader is all you need to demonstrate how sturdy a Nehru Collar is. Nehru Collars have killed or strangled more characters on Star Wars than the Death Star. The Nehru Collar appears to be the uniform collar of choice for anyone serving on an imperial star destroyer or indeed the death star. 

Luke Skywalker Outfits

Keeping it in the family, Luke is sometimes seen in a Nehru Collar in a variety of films. Most notably as he tries to kill his own father, probably because he was also wearing one when his father chops his hand off in the Empire Strickes Back. It’s not just about the collar either, in the photo above you can see Luke rocking a rather cool external flap around the chest area. 

Dr Evil Wears Nehru Collar

Mike Myers is Dr Evil in Austin Powers

Moving on to a more of a comedy star wearing the Nehru Collar outfit, we need look no further than the outstandingly shagadelic Austin Powers bad guy. Immitating of course, Blofeld from the original bond film. 

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