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The Artist his Gilet - an Interview with Tom Hoar

Juliet Kitson
Juliet Kitson
11 Nov 2021

Wiltshire based painter Tom Hoar has just returned from a spell in India creating work for his London exhibition India 2018. We were lucky enough to grab him in his studio in East Knoyle to talk about his work and his love of the Gilet.

Tom first came across Guillotine England at a Christmas fair where his wife was selling cashmere sweaters. As with all fairs, a lot of exhibitors end up buying things from each other and this is where he first met Jules and Jerome and discovered the Gilet.

Tom was wearing the same Gilet he brought at the fair 4 years ago. It is one of his favourites and he wears it whilst painting for many reasons including the freedom it gives his arms to paint whilst keeping his core warm. You can keep all sorts of things in the pockets whilst painting or going for a stroll in the countryside. The body keeps you warm and allows you freedom of movment to keep painting. 

A big fan of Indian Gilets with the Nehru collar he sees the bonus in the UK made ones as being the snug fit, pockets and beautiful lining. As well as the Gilet he is wearing in the film, he has a selection of gilets to chose from for dinner parties and other social occasions.

Thank you, Tom, for your time and please enjoy your growing selection of Gilets.