The Landlord and His Beckford Gilet

Juliet Kitson
Juliet Kitson
22 Feb 2022

Charlie Luxton, famous throughout the South West for bringing us the Beckford Arms in Wiltshire, the Talbot in Mells and the Lord Pullet in Somerset (and since time of writinga few more along the way) talks to us about his Gilet collection.
As a busy publican, he needs something both smart and casual that allows him to work hard but look relaxed at the same time. His collection of Gilets with the Nehru collar from Guillotine England let him achieve this.

Having first seen the Gilet on a customer in the bar at the Beckford, he took note and found out that they were sourced from a local company in Chilmark. Having purchased his first, he soon followed on with the shooting brake for when he goes shooting. The pub has even inspired a Gilet of its own design named the Beckford Gilet.