We Name that Gilet - The Balmoral

Juliet Kitson
Juliet Kitson
05 Oct 2022
We were thrilled by your responses to our Name that Gilet competition!

It was wonderful to interact with you and it will probably come as no surprise that many of you suggested the Balmoral as the new name for our houndstooth merino gilet. We had funny, poignant and inspiring suggestions ranging from beautiful wording from Autumnal poems, colours evoking the Scottish Highlands and plants from the moorlands ... truly creative. We are delighted to call it the Balmoral in tribute to our most cherished sovereign for all her services and unwavering duty and in celebration to welcome in the new reign of King Charles III.

We were also extremely touched by all your extra messages regaling your husbands, fathers, friends and sons love of our gilets and indeed how many of them now have quite a few in their collections as they particularly admire our cut and style. This was something that we were not expecting and it was incredibly lovely to have your positive feedback. It certainly feeds our passion and creativity to design more gilets in new materials and colours for you.

Thank you for all your support and for admiring our Guillotine gilets, the finest cut, fit for a King!