Cheese, Ham and a Sailing Gilet

Bird and Carter

Bird and Carter

We were delighted when the owner of our local farm shop agreed to talk to us about his love of the gilet. As the owner of two, a Babington Gilet and a Smokin Gilet he can regularly be seen at work or down the local sporting either one. We chatted to him yesterday about why he wears his Babbington Gilet at work, what are the benefits over another type of clothing and what makes it stand out for him.

Joff and his wife have been running the Bird and Carter Farm Shop and Catering company for the last 7 years. They originally started a small Deli in Salisbury but since then found this sprawling farm shop just off the A36 on the way to Warminster. The business has built up from the small acorn to what Joff now regards as a rather large Oak. Not only do they provide some of the finest bacon and sausage sandwiches (first hand proof) they also cater to larger gatherings including dinner parties and weddings. 

The Babbington Gilet is so popular with Joff for many reasons, one is the number of pockets in which he puts all of his necesities like phone and wallet but also because it makes the perfect sailing jacket. Yes, that’s right, “sailing jacket”. On a recent trip from Ibiza to Plymouth Joff sent us a photo for our instagram page showing him imitating Hornblower in his Gilet. We were pleased as punch and duly shared it. 

Sailing Gilet

Why Sailing?

After a quick trip across the bay of Biscay Joff revealed that the gilet keeps your body warm but allows you free movement of your arms, it is also quick to dry and the Nehru Collar keeps your neck snug and warm in a gusty blow. No-one has ever shared this with us before so thank you Joff for your tips on sailing wear. 

His other Gilet is the Smokin one, perfect for evening ear and can be thrown on top of a smart shirt or something a little more casual for a trip to the pub.

Feeling Hungry ?

If you happen to be driving past the Bird and Carter then we heartily suggest popping in for a cuppa or something more filling. While we were filming the kitchen staff were busy making terriaki Salmon and a home made Terrine. Whatever your tastes Joff and team will have you covered. 

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